Sunday, February 21

Ramin Karimloo Fabulous in Love Never Dies

I’ve just seen the preview of Ramin Karimloo’s single Til I Hear You Sing from Love Never Dies.

He has a very mature voice with a great vocal range  which means he can deliver the powerful ballad in a way that must please ALW enormously. And apart from that he is broodingly handsome and very easy on the eye! 

I must say everything I have heard about this show is good and having watched this I certainly am looking forward to its opening.

Love Never Dies starts previewing at the Adelphi Theatre on Monday 22nd February.  It tells the story of the Phantom of the Opera ten years on (played by Karimloo) when he has moved to Coney Island.

Love Never Dies opens on March 9th, the day after the soundtrack album is released.

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