Monday, March 1

Latest Casting News for the Fantasticks

The new production of the Broadway musical the Fantasticks which is due to open at the Duchess Theatre on 9th June (previews from 24th May) has just announced casting details.

Names include Olivier Award winner Clive Rowe and musical theatre stars  David Burt , Hadley Fraser, Lorna Want , Luke Brady as well as leading classical actors Edward Petherbridge and Paul Hunter.

The Fantasticks is about two next door neighbours whose fathers who put up a wall between their houses to ensure that their children fall in love – on the basis that children always do what their parents forbid!  With parts of the show drawn from Shakespeare’s Pyramus & Thisbe,  Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream the score features numbers including "Much More", "I Can See It" and "Try To Remember".

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