Sunday, March 14

Lewis Bradley to play Fiyero in Wicked for limited period

Lewis Bradley is to appear in the multi-award winning musical Wicked for a limited run at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London.

Lewis was a runner up in BBC’s Any Dream Will Do talent contest where Andrew Lloyd Webber searched for an actor to appear in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Following the series Lewis played the lead role in the touring production 'Chicago and Beyond', and then starred as Joseph in the West End for five weeks in 2008. He has performed at Andrew Lloyd Webber's 60th birthday celebration in Hyde Park and played the part of Jack in 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in Bath. In 2009 he returned to television to play the leading role of Narcissus in a modern day look at Greek mythology.

Ironically he is playing the role of Fiyero from March 29th to May 8th until Lee Mead (who won the contest) takes over on May 10th.


Jo said...

Yes, Lee is currently in Lord Arthur Savile's Crime so couldn't take start until 10th May.

Theatre Spy said...

Hi Jo,

I saw Lee in Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and must admit am looking forward to hearing him sing again!

Laurie said...

From the USA:
I really think Lee Mead is very talented and seems to be very nice. But I don't understand why west end does'nt give lewis more publicity and praise. He is much younger than Lee and is very talent and nice too. He should get much more credit and compliments than he is getting. After all he is playing Fiyero right now. That certainly does'nt take away from lee mead.
Please give Lewis Bradley more praise. He is very talented and can become a great star in the future. Please don't criticise lewis or any other star on issues that have absolutely nothing to do with their talent and career.
No one is perfect and none of us have a right to run down others. Including myself. Please keep
reviews fair and professional.
Give Lewis bradley is fair share.
Love you Lewis Bradley and have all the faith in the world in you. God Bless With all my love
and faith in you Laurie from oregon U.S.A

Theatre Spy said...

I agree with you that Lewis is very talented. And he has worked more or less solidly since he was runner up in "Any Dream Will Do". But Lee is older, more experienced, had been on the West End stage before and was ready to start off at the top, whereas it's taking Lewis a bit longer. But with the exposure he will get appearing in such a great show as Wicked I'm sure he'll get there.

Anonymous said...

I went last night to see Wicked 23rd Sept with Lewis Bradley playing Fiyero and all I can say is he was flawless. What a telant! He will get his chance and wont look back.

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