Friday, April 9

Lee Mead Concert Tour

Lee Mead is due to return to London’s West End playing Fiyero in the musical Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre on  10th May.  He’s also a very expectant father with his wife Denise Van Outen due to give birth shortly.  And if all that wasn’t enough he is also doing some one night concerts during the remainder of 2010.

His singing talents were officially recognised when he was the winner of BBC One’s Any Dream Will Do in 2007 and he went on to play Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Since then he hasn’t looked back releasing a couple of albums and now doing a short concert tour. He will be accompanied by his very own a live band in a show which includes West End numbers, modern pop-rock classics, a few standards, some self-penned songs and favourites from his album, Nothing Else Matters, which went double gold within weeks of going on sale.

Lee’s current tour dates are; 23rd May, Cliffs Pavilion Southend13th June, Anvil Theatre Basingstoke: 27th June, St Albans Arena: 12th September, Buxton Opera House: 7th November, Aylesbury Waterside Theatre and 14th November at the New Wimbledon Theatre.

On 30th January 2011 Lee will be the guest of honour of the Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir at their Gala Concert at the Cliffs Pavilion, Southend.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with this man? He finishes a tour ans starts in a musical just before about the time kid is due.

Now he's off doing concerts on Sundays, his only day off. Anyone would think he didn't want to be married or a father.

Theatre Spy said...

The good thing about performing in the theatre is that normally Lee can be at home with the baby most of the day. He's still in the early stages of his career and needs to be visible so am sure he is looking forward to being a father but also needs to work to support a wife and baby.

Amanda said...

Well I think this is fantastic for Lee, he's just building his career.

He will be based in the West End and will get all the daytimes with the family. His career doesn't just end because he's having a baby.

All the best to him

Tizzler said...

Lee has stated himself that he can't just sit at home, he needs to get out there and provide for his family. You only need to listen to him talk about his wife and child to know how he enjoys being married and how excited he is about the prospect of fatherhood.How many other fathers do you know that turn down work to be at home?Lee is a realist and knows that he needs to take the work when its available. Besides, he will be London based and therefore able to send plenty of time with his family every day.

Anonymous said...

First people complain that he is disappearing then when he starts doing things they complain he is doing too much. Last I checked fathers didn't get maternity leave. He is fortunate to be working in a profession that gives him days off so he can be with the family. And he does have a few weeks off between plays.

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