Saturday, May 1

Dorothys' suffering from vocal strain in Over the Rainbow

It is no wonder with the number of songs they are asked to perform during the show Over The Rainbow that Dorothys Jessica Robinson and Stephanie Davis have been struggling with illness all this week.   They are in the final 7 and had to visit a vocal specialist during the week to check that they were able to perform.

Liver bird Stephanie was told to rest her voice but has now been cleared to perform on the live show tonight at 19:10 on BBC1.

Jessica (picurted) had to pull out of rehearsals at the beginning of the week with a croaky voice. Specialists have given her clearance to perform but has not yet been confirmed that she will be able to.  I would be amazed if she wasn’t on tonight as she is singing Cabaret which is one of her favourites that she used to sing on the jukebox when she went to the pub at home.

Danielle Hope celebrated her 18th birthday in the Dorothy House on Monday night with the girls dressing as famous West End characters for the event.

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