Monday, May 24

New Football Musical Coincides with World Cup

Playing along with the World Cup which kicks off in South Africa in June, is a new musical about football entitled Who Ate All the Pies is at the Tristan Bates Theatre at Tower Street, London WC2 from 9th-26th June.

It tells the tale of City FC and their desperate attempt to make it through the season without being relegated again. It involves Sharon who has fulfilled her dying father’s wish that she uses his season ticket and her struggle to understand the passion, tears, laughter and the love that binds together the fans on the terrace? Will she ever forgive her father for all those missed Saturday afternoons? Will City FC return to glory before the final whistle?

Who Ate all the Pies? has a cast of characters including a Northern football manager, saucy WAG, sly agent, new millionaire owner, ill-informed pundits, mouthy yobs, posh bloke in the corporate box and the £18 million footballer!

Who Ate All the Pies? is written by Jimmy Jewell & Nick Stimson, the team behind the celebrated NHS The Musical at the Theatre Royal Plymouth and The Venue Leicester Square: It is directed by Johnny Brant, with musical supervision by Tom Kelly, musical direction by Mark Dickman, and lighting design by Paul Green.

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