Sunday, June 13

Tap Dogs’ Adam Garcia Soldiering on

The very macho dance show Tap Dogs about a day in the life of six Australian guys working on construction site is due to open this Tuesday 15th June and run for 12 weeks at the Novello Theatre in London's West End.

It’s a very physical show (80 minutes with no interval) with fast moving sets and spectacular dance routines set to percussion based modern heavy rock, so while listening to Jonathon Ross’ BBC2 radio show yesterday when he was interviewing Adam Garcia was concerned to hear that he had broken his finger. 

Apparently this happened during rehearsals, but don’t worry about the photo opposite as things have changed and the sling is no longer in evidence with Garcia now tapping away with a strapped finger which has to stay that way for 4 weeks.

I have seen the show a couple of times and am aiming to go again because it’s great non-stop entertainment.


Nani said...

Awsome!!i wish i could see them live!!

Theatre Spy said...

Hi Nani,

i have been lucky enough to see this show a couple of times and believe me it's a great way to spend an evening! Adam Garcia is a fantastic dancer - but you already know that!

Unknown said...

saw the show last month and going again in 2 weeks awesome, fun and amazing show.

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