Friday, August 6

Injured Tamzin back on as Sweet Charity

Tamzin Outhwaite was back on stage last night after having two days off because of an injury sustained when she fell  through a set of steps on stage during Tuesday night’s performance of  Sweet Charity.  Miss Outhwaite is rather integral to the plot as she plays the title character Charity Hope Valentine at the Haymarket Theatre.

She carried on with the show but was in so much pain the following day she decided to seek medical advice and had an x-ray to check if she had chipped bone in her ankle. Luckily it was only bruised.  Her role is physically very challenging with a lot of dancing and she was strongly advised to rest up with an ice pack and had to miss a couple of shows. She somehow bounced back to perform last night but is still walking with a slight limp.

After the show she tweeted: "Limped through the show tonight but a wicked audience kept me going!! Thank you xx."

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