Thursday, August 5

Michael Ball Show starts on 16th August

The new Michael Ball Show begins on ITV on Monday, 16th August  at 3:00 pm and runs every weekday Monday to Friday for six weeks.

This gives him plenty of time before he is due to return to the tour of Hairspray playing the role of Edna when it arrives at the Grand Canal theatre in Dublin on 16th November. And also fits in with the musical production of Love Story which he is producing and bringing into the Duchess Theatre in London's West End which starts previews on 27th November.

The Michael Ball afternoon show will be a mix of entertainment, chat and showbiz news with Michael singing the  occasional song. Each weekday Michael will be talking to showbiz personalities as well as introducing a variety of rising stars. Guest experts will join him to discuss topics of the day and he will be taught how to cook from an assortment of celebrity chefs.

Michael will also be spotlighting people who have hit the headlines and meeting some of the country’s unsung heroes.

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