Friday, October 8

Alfie Boe to play Jean Valjean again in London?

The Mail’s Baz Bamigboye reported this morning that during one of those theatrical emotional moments after the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert Alfie Boe and Cameron Mackintosh were talking enthusiastically about Boe playing Jean Valjean again for a season at the Queen’s Theatre next year.

He received an incredible standing ovation at the 02 and sings the role in a very impressive and different way, but opera singers are notoriously precious about their voices and I suspect an 8 performance contract spending 6 days a week in a West End theatre might not be too attractive when the cold light of days dawns.

Valjean is one of the most demanding parts in the West End. Simon Bowman is contracted to play him at the Queen’s until next June and he recently got his performances slightly reduced to that he does not perform every other Monday.  John Owen-Jones was churning out 8 performances a week on the recent tour but did suffer throat problems.

When Boe recently played the role in London he did two one week stints with a 7 day break in between and did not perform the matinees doing 6 shows a week.

Much as I would love to see him play the role I suspect it would be for a very limited season if it does happen.

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