Sunday, January 9

Last Performance of Oliver! at Drury Lane

Lionel Bart’s Musical Oliver! starring Griff Rhys Jones as Fagin and Kerry Ellis as Nancy came to the end of a two year run last night to make way for the new musical Shrek! which opens at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in May.

Cameron  Mackintosh, Jodie Prenger (the original Nancy in this production), Rowan  Atkinson (original Fagin) and the director Sam Mendes were all present.

All the children who have played Oliver and Dodger came on at the curtain call and as expected the large picture of Lionel Bart was lowered from the flies.

Both Cameron and Griff made speeches ending with “we will be back soon”.  These words are hopefully in support of the rumour that a tour of Oliver! is due to be mounted later in the year.

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