Sunday, January 9

Sheridan Smith next back in the West End in Bridget Jones the Musical?

A very emotional Sheridan Smith took her final bow last night after playing Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical at the Savoy Theatre in London’s West End for just over a year.

Her final “muck-up” matinee was filled with messages, in-jokes and surprise cameo performances from her former co-stars Duncan James from Blue and Richard Fleeshman (shortly to appear in Ghost the Musical).

Sheridan is one of the most popular female performers in musical theatre. Her next foray into the West End is strongly rumoured to be playing the part of Bridget Jones in a new musical of the same name. Lily Allen is meant to be writing the music and the show is expected to be ready some time in 2012.

If it all works out it will be inspired casting and music and lyrics with Smith and Allen.

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