Wednesday, March 23

Jonathan Ansell in Beauty and the Beast

Jonathan Ansell is to embark on a concert tour Jonathan Ansell and Friends in June featuring the music of the group G4. But over the Easter holidays he is appearing in a short tour of Beauty and the Beast with Melissa Suffield (Lucy Beale in EastEnders), Danielle McCormack (Mel Barker in My Parents Are Aliens) and Jonny Freeman (Frank London in M.I High).

The dates for the production are: **Harlow Playhouse 10th-18th April: Ipswich Regent 20th-21st April: Bolton Albert Halls 25th-26th April: Wolverhampton Grand Theatre 22nd April: Swansea Grand 23rd April and Newcastle upon Tyne  Journal Tyne Theatre 27th April-2nd May.

**Jonathan not doing shows on 14th, 15th and 17th April.


Hertsnatalie said...

This will be the first time,I have been to a pantomine thats not at Christmas time. Oh yes it is :)
This is going to be great fun,and not to be missed.
Even if you not got any kids,I would say go along and just for the performance turn back the hands of time and become a kid.:)
What I am also looking forward to is his tour around UK.

Theatre Spy said...

It's something different for the Easter holidays, I love panto so will be going to see it - without children!

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