Wednesday, April 13

Cast announced for Batman Live Arena Tour

The tour of Batman Live starts at the MEN Arena in Manchester on 19th July and then goes on an Arena tour ending at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on 9th October.

The arena show will include, pyrotechnics, a trapeze show and hot air balloon sequences, stuntmen, super villains and Batmobiles on a 100ft-wide, 60ft-deep performance area, with a giant video wall flashing panels from comic strips and special effects which give the appearance of interacting with the live performers on stage

Batman Live will also have circus sequences which will include a trapeze show and hot air balloon sequences.

The show held open auditions in January for the show, with producers apparently hoping to discover a wealth of untapped talent. The cast has now been announced as follows:  Nick Court and Sam Heughan will play the combined roles of Batman and Bruce Wayne: Mark Frost has been cast as the villainous Joker and Robin / Dick Grayson will be played by Kamran Darabi-Ford and Michael Pickering.

Other cast members include Commissioner Gordon/ The Penguin - Alex Giannini: Catwoman / Martha Wayne - Emma Clifford : Alfred Pennyworth - John Conroy: Harley Quinn / Mary Grayson - Poppy Tierney: Two Face / Ringmaster - Garry Lake: Tony Zucco - Jack Walker  and Dr. Wayne - Darrell Brockis

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