Sunday, May 22

Les Mis' Killian Donnelly joining Phantom

Killian Donnelly is currently playing Enjolras in Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre, but is due to leave on June 18th when the cast change takes place.

He has just announced that he will not be out of work for long as he is joining the cast of The Phantom of the Opera playing Raoul at Her Majesty’s Theatre when the cast change takes place in September.

Another "ex-Misser" John Owen-Jones is staying on playing the Phantom until March 2012 and Simon Shorten (Babet and JVJ cover in Les Mis) has also announced that he's joining the cast as understudy for the Phantom and swing.

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Gabbie said...

I LOOOVE HIM! He's a great actor and singer. The best choice!

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