Tuesday, August 30

Anne Hathaway joining Hugh Jackman in LesMis movie?

There are so many rumours circulating about the cast for the Les Miserables film that it’s not worth mentioning most of them.  But the strongest one at the moment is that Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway (Devil Wears Prada, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, One Day and Catwoman in  The Dark Knight Rises) will be playing Fantine alongside Hugh Jackman’s Jean Valjean.

She belted out “On My Own” from Les Miserables at February’s Oscars Ceremony when Jackman was in the audience, and rumour has it that he was so impressed that he has been pushing director Tom Hooper to offer  her the part.

Will confirm more casting soon.


Anonymous said...

Hugh has been impressed with Anne's singing since they had worked together on a skit/duet for the 2009 Oscars. He has also said that he was interested in getting Anne to play Julie Jordan in his long-aborning CAROUSEL movie remake project. It was also said that they had Anne Hathaway in mind for the role of Jenny Lind in the new movie musical project GREATEAST SHOWMAN ON EARTH, starring Hugh Jackman. The parody in the 2011 Oscars was like Anne's paying back Hugh for his picking her for the 2009 duet at the Oscars.

Theatre Spy said...

Thanks for that. Hopefuilly all your background info makes it even more likely that the "rurmour" is true.

Anonymous said...

anne was originally lined up to play Christine Daae in the phantom film; but filming on the princess diearys 2 interfered. as long as she doesnt do it with a 'british' accent she could manage the part - maybe - but i dont think that they should make a film as the show is soo successful
i mean; the phantom film took away part of the whole magic of going to see a show. and with shows closing on the west end i really dont think it is fair/right to take away even more because will not see the show because they have seen the film....... and a little miscast could cloud people's judgement of the show and thats not fair. i think that they should just let this show be. its one of the greatest pieces in theatre and should not have its legacy tainted by a film.
but thats just my opinion x

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