Saturday, August 27

Matt Lucas leaving Les Miserables

Because of other commitments Matt Lucas has unfortunately only been able to spend four months in Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre playing the inkeeper Thenardier.  He has received great notices for his performance which he first played at the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the 02 Arena last October. I saw him in both shows and really feel he has brought a lot to the already very rich part and managed to make it his own.

Sadly Matt leaves the show on 10th September when the role will be taken by Cameron Blakely who has played the part several times and was last seen in Les Miserables as Bamatabois in the 25th Anniversary Concert.

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Anonymous said...

He was very good and a great crowd pleaser;but I didn't feel he brought out Thenardier's menacing side at all.And I didn't like his little asides to the crowd.

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