Saturday, August 27

Russ Abbot to play Tommy Cooper

in a new BBC Radio 3 drama entitled Glass Chair Chair Glass which imagines what would have happened if the comedian and magician had met absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco who is famous for focusing on the question of human existence as well as the trivia of everyday life in his dramas.

Rather a different role to the one Russ Abbot last played in London's West End where he is pictured as Fagin in Oliver! the Musical. 

The story has been written by Annie Caulfield, whose credits include the radio drama The Von Trapps and Me, which told the story of The Sound of Music from the point of view of the baroness.Dame Harriet Walter will also star in the drama with Allan Corduner playing Ionesco.

The 90 minute play will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 18th September at 20:30.

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