Wednesday, September 28

Adam Garcia, Kerry Ellis & Ashleigh Grey at Wicked! 5th Birthday Performance

Last night (27th September) was the 5th birthday of Wicked! the musical at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London.

Wicked! has become one of the West End's most popular and successful musicals of all time breaking box office records and winning a number of awards since its West End premiere in 2006.  It is now one of the 10 longest running musicals currently playing in the West End and one of the 20 longest running West End musicals of all time.

At the curtain call light night the current principals introduced some of their predecessors which included Nessarose represented by Cassie Compton, Caroline Keiff and Katie Rowley Jones: Dr Dillamond/David Stoller: Madame Morrible/Harriet Thorpe: Boq/ Jeremy Legat/George Ure & James Gillan: the Wizard/Nigel Planer/Sam Kelly and Desmond Barrit: Glinda/Dianne Pilkington & Sarah Earnshaw: Elphaba/Cassidy Janson, Ashleigh Grey and Kerry Ellis and Adam Garcia for Fiyero


Claire said...

Lee Mead was also there!

Theatre Spy said...

Hi Claire,

But thought he was just at the after show party and not introduced at the curtain call.

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