Friday, September 23

Avoid the Showers Singin’ In The Rain

The water used during the scene when Adam Cooper (who plays the lead Don Lockwood) gets soaked splashing around and jumping in and out of  puddles while performing the classic number Singin’ in the Rain will be cleaned, filtered and re-used at the Palace Theatre when the show opens there in February.

A 12,000-litre tank is being installed in the West End Theatre with 500 litres of water a minute pouring over Cooper when he performs the number which Gene Kelly famously created in the movie.

And think again if you want to sit in the first couple of rows as when the show ran at Chichester earlier this year quite a few members of the audience got wet. Cooper wore a special suit made of material that dries quickly, but enjoyed getting wet saying: "It’s quite a relief, because there are two strenuous dance set pieces immediately before the Singin’ In The Rain number, so the water washes away the sweat.”

Cooper is ballet trained, becoming a principal dancer with Matthew Bourne before going on to musicals. Later this year he will co-star with Aled Jones in a touring production of White Christmas.

Booking opens for Singin' In the Rain on 26th September

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