Sunday, January 22

Cast List for Tour of Avenue Q

The new tour of Avenue Q kicks off at Plymouth Theatre Royal on Monday and tours the UK until 28th July.

The cast list is as follows: Princeton/Rod - Sam Lupton
Kate/Lucy - Katherine Moraz
Nicky/Trekkie/Bear - Chris Thatcher
Mrs T/Bear - Daniella Gibb (and u/s Kate/Lucy]
Gary - Matthew J Henry
Christmas Eve - Julia Yammanee
Brian - Edward Judge

Luke Striffler - Princeton/Rod, Nicky/Trekkie, Brian
Jonny Fines - Nicky/Trekkie, Princeton/Rod, Brian
Kayi Ushe - Gary Arina Ii - Mrs T/Bear, Christmas Eve
Gabrielle Brooks - Gary, Mrs T/Bear
Rina Takasaki - Christmas Eve

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