Tuesday, April 3

Bickering Spice Girls delay Viva Forever musical

According to The New York Post the Spice Girls bickering has caused their musical Viva Forever to be delayed. Mel B and Mel C are disagreeing on details for the forthcoming show and are sending the script writer Jennifer Saunders 'crazy' preventing the production from moving forward.

All of the girls:  Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell, Mel C and Mel B are involved in the project although none of them will star in it.

Surprisingly Geri has been keeping a low profile while she concentrates on her own reality TV show. She has signed a deal with Sky Living and agreed for the cameras to follow her every move with a fly-on-the-wall show which will feature The Spice Girls as they prepare to launch their musical, while showcasing a portrait of her life.

Victoria Beckham’s intense work schedule with her fashion line, while juggling four children and living in California is also hindering progress.

The musical has been in the development stage since 2010 and was originally due to open in London’s West End by the end of this year. It will follow the story of a mother who takes her daughter to a talent competition, with the backdrop of The Spice Girls soundtrack.

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