Saturday, September 22

Tim Minchin is Amazing as Judas

I went to the opening night of Jesus Christ Superstar last night with mixed feelings about whether I was going to like it this revival (having adored it the first time round).

Last night I loved parts of JCS and some scenes I did not care for much, but in the whole found he show very entertaining and worth seeing.

But this blog is not meant to be a review of the show (there will be enough of them around today) but is about Tim Minchin. I love the talented man and his work but I have always had extreme doubts about his vocal ability to perform Judas. I was proved right on this last night as he doesn't have the vocal depth and power to really put the numbers across as some of the Judas's I have heard, but that really is inconsequential as his overall performance is a tour de force and for me he is easily the star of the show!

He was the best Judas I have seen (and there have been many) with a performance which is all about powerful emotion and expression. Every time he came on stage I only looked at him and found him mesmerising.

All I am going to say about the other principals is that they put in good performances which will improve as they settle in the show but it's worth going just to see Mr Minchin alone!

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