Tuesday, December 11

Les Misérables: From Stage to Screen Book 2013 Release

Les Misérables: From Stage to Screen is a new book by Benedict Nightingale and Martyn Palmer which documents the journey of the hit musical from concept to the hit movie which is released in the UK in January.

Producer Cameron Mackintosh wrote the foreword to the 96-page book that features documents detailing key moments in the creation of the musical, original costume sketches, annotated scripts, highlights of original musical scores and extracts of the libretto and screenplay.

According to the authors "The reader can find out how the musical came to life, the trials and tribulations of turning it from the initial concept into a thrilling musical extravaganza and how the new film version starring Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, and directed by the Oscar-winning Tom Hooper, has emerged from the show that has been seen by over 55 million people worldwide."

The hardcover book will be released in the UK on 14th March 2013 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon at the reduced price of £19.20 (saving of £10.80)

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