Saturday, January 19

Jonathan Ansell Wells Cathedral Concert

Jonathan Ansell is doing a one off performance of Omega & Alpha at Wells Cathedral in Somerset at 7:00 pm on Saturday 13th April.

He will be joined by Marta Fontanals-Simmons (mezzo-soprano), Gerard Delrez (bass-baritone) with a choir of 120 and a half-symphony orchestra with Martin Emslie conducting his new oratorio.

Omega & Alpha examines the confusions that must have been in the minds of the people around Jesus as he embarks on his journey to death and his unwillingness to save himself. It effectively charts the Omega (the end) of Jesus’ life and the Alpha (the beginning) of Christianity.

The work is a mixture of sacred music and  musical theatre offering a new rendition of the Passion story. The Wells performance will incorporate , although it has also been scored for smaller ensembles and organ.

There will be an opportunity after the concert to meet the composer and soloists and discuss the work.

Tickets for Omega & Alpha

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