Tuesday, January 22

New LesMis Movie song Suddenly to be added to LesMis on stage?

The new song Suddenly which has been specially written for the LesMis movie by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil could be added to the stage show at the Queen’s Theatre.

Hugh Jackman (Jan Valjean) sings it in the movie to the young Cosette in the horse drawn carriage as he whisks her away from the grip of the Thenardiers.  The lyrics are so strong that he almost speaks the song rather than sings it telling the sleeping child that now that he has her his life has changed and he realises the meaning of love.

It has met with mixed reviews, but I personally love the song and found  it very moving and a perfect link to explain Valjean's future feelings for the child.

In a Q & A session at a special BAFTA Masterclass Claude-Michel Schönberg said about the Oscar nominated song being used on stage: "It's possible. It is something we are looking at, although changing stage musicals is like causing earthquakes. So while I’m not saying no, it is a work in progress." He also said that he and Alain Boublil might move the iconic song "I Dreamed a Dream" to a different place in the show as has been done for the film.

In the meantime, Michael Ball has recorded the song for his new Both Sides Now album which is due to be released shortly.

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