Sunday, February 10

Sheridan Smith in Channel 4 Series Dates

Updated 11th June:  Sheridan's first episode of Dates will air tonight on Channel 4 at 10:00 pm.  She is also in episode 8 - showing dates to follow.

 Award winning actress Sheridan Smith has just finished filming a Jonathan Creek special which will be shown over Easter,  and she has today started work in London on a new Channel 4 dating drama series called Dates with TV and film award winning actor Andrew Scott  (Sherlock villain Moriarty) and Utopia’s Neil Maskell

Dates is the brainchild of Skins creator Bryan Elsley. Over nine episodes it follows the lives of different couples in their quest for love to see how their first meeting with each other plays outs. As the romances progress some result in further meetings while others end in disaster.

The majority of the characters will only go on one date, but Sheridan's alter-ego will go on two. In one she will play sexy schoolteacher Jenny who finds herself sat across a dinner table with Scott who plays a  Christian name Christian in the series, will find himself sat across a dinner table from schoolteacher Jenny.

She will also play Lucy dating city trader Nick, played by Neil Maskell in a show described as “hopeful, surprising, awkward” and “sexy as hell”.

 The series will air this summer.

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