Friday, February 8

X Factor: The Musical Likely to Offend?

According to an article in today's Mail the plot of X Factor: The Musical was unveiled to Simon Cowell’s closest circle at a private read-through in Soho last week.

Until now he has managed to keep details of the new musical being written by comedian Harry Hill closely under wraps, but details of the script suggest it is quite likely to offend current and former stars of the show.

Among those being targeted is presenter Dermot O’Leary whose character is portrayed as pathetic and needy and Cheryl Cole's character is a judge called Geordie who spends a lot of time sobbing into a Chelsea football jersey (referring to her very public  failed marriage to footballer Ashley Cole).

Sharon Osbourne and Dannii Minogue do not feature in the musical with the panel made up of actors playing Cowell, Louis Walsh and Geordie.

It tells the story of Shenise (thought to be based on 2008  winner Alexandra Burke) and her ‘journey’ on the ITV1 talent  show.

During the second act there is ballad "Falling in Love With Myself" for the character of judge Simon Cowell, who was played at the workshop by West End leading man Alexander Hanson (A Little Night Music, Pontius Pilate in the last Arena Tour of Jesus Chris Superstar).

At the end of the show Simon is revealed to be an alien who blasts off back to space  from where he controls the entire world.

Cowell is known for his love of causing controversy for publicity and a production source told the Mail: "This is Simon’s pet project and he’s ecstatic with the script. He was in tears of laughter at the read-through. He knows how much trouble he’s going to cause. Dermot, Dannii, Cheryl and Sharon will all be furious for different reasons. This is his ultimate revenge  he doesn’t care who he offends. Simon is confident his musical is going to be a huge hit. He hasn’t been this excited about a project for ages."

So confident that his company Syco has invested  £10 million with hopes that it will open in the West End.  

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