Sunday, May 12

Daniel Koek Joining Les Miserables

I had heard Daniel Koek's name mentioned with the Les Miserables cast change due at the Queen's next month.

It now seems that he is playing the alternate Jean Valjean for one show a week from around 17th June with a view to performing the part on a full time basis in September.

Koek last appeared in the UK as Lt Cable in the tour of South Pacific and has been performing the show in his native Australia.  In an interview with Aussie Theatre it seems that he has had to pull out of Adelaide's Cabaret Theatre as it clashes with his opening in the West End.

More LesMis casting news to follow.


Peggy said...

It's a while since I saw him in West Side Story but I wasn't very impressed with his voice or acting.We shall see.So much talent in Britain that seems to have been ignored for all the major roles.

Theatre Spy said...

He's certainly not an obvious choice for JVJ. Suspect the alternate one show per week is to see if his voice and acting skills are strong enough to take on the role full time.

Anonymous said...

I've seen him in Chess and South Pacific, which were very different roles and thought his vocal range was fantastic. he will be a splendid JVJ.

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