Saturday, May 4

New Fantine for Les Miserables

There is a cast change coming up for Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre in June with Fantine due to be played by Dutch musical theatre actress Na-Young Jeon.

She takes over from Celinde Schoenmaker who leaves the show on June 15th to perform in a Dutch version of Love Story.

Jeon played Kim in the Dutch 2012 revival of Miss Saigon, performed in Jesus Christ Superstar and has  won a Musical Award for her role in High School Musical in the "up-and-coming talent" category.

It is not yet when known when Jeon will open in LesMis.


Anonymous said...

What is with the lack of British or non-famous actors in lead roles. I'm not saying that the current casts aren't good, but there's so much undiscovered talent in London that need a chance!

Theatre Spy said...

And Willemijn Verkaik taking over from Louise Dearman as Elphaba in Wicked! is causing a lot of controversy for the same reason at the moment.

Suspect the new LesMis cast will have more than one non UK national joining when it is announced!

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