Monday, June 10

Douglas Hodge on Playing Willy Wonka

Mark Shenton interviewed Douglas Hodge of Willy Wonka fame last week and in his article in yesterday 's Express he revealed that more changes are being introduced during the previews of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory including a giant glass elevator and a big new effect.

Hodge has been involved in the development of the show with scenes and lyrics being changed all the time with him and director Sam Mendes having just written a new little scene.

The show opens on 25th June and Hodge revealed he is getting fit for the demands of the role: “I’ve lost a stone just during rehearsals. You have to be fit to do it, plus I think of him as very light and dainty and nimble, with a slighter build than I have.”  He also has to be careful with his voice “I have a massive number at the end of the first act, and five big ones in the second half when I don’t leave the stage. So I have to live like a monk!

The wall in his dressing room has photos of artistes who have given him inspiration for the creation of the role. They include David Bowie: “He’s always been an oddball, slightly separate from everybody else, slender, slight and enigmatic. He disappeared but he recently re-emerged, as Wonka does, too, after shutting down his factory.” There’s also Michael Jackson, “who had a strange innocence and childishness”.

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