Friday, June 14

Les Miserables Cast from 17th June

Principals: Geronimo Rauch - Jean Valjean / Daniel Koek - Jean Valjean (Alternate) /Tam Mutu - Javert /Na-Young Jeon - Fantine /Wendy Ferguson - Mme Thénardier / Cameron Blakely - Thénardier /Rob Houchen - Marius /Carrie Fletcher - Eponine /Samantha Dorsey - Cosette /Anton Zetterholm - Enjolras

Ensemble & Swings: Koko Basigara, Rosanna Bates, Niall Sheehy, Ethan Bradshaw, Melanie Bright, Josie Brightwell, Dougie Carter, Jade Louise Davies, Lee Dillon-Stuart, James Gant, Carolina Gregory, Katy Hanna,Dayle Hodge, Chris Holland, Sarah Lark.Adam Linstead ,  Rhidian Marc, George Miller, Carl Mullaney, Jenny O'Leary, Jonny Purchase, Leo Roberts, Nicky Swift.


Anonymous said...

You have left off Niall Sheehy.

Theatre Spy said...

Apologies. He was on my original list but somehow got missed off when I moved to the blog. Duly amended.

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