Tuesday, March 11

New Cast Announced for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

As already announced Alex Jennings will be taking over as Willy Wonka from Douglas Hodge in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from 19th May. 

Further cast changes have just been revealed with Barry James playing Grandpa Joe, Josefina Gabrielle as Mrs Teavee and  Richard Dempsey and Kirsty Malpass as Mr and Mrs Bucket.

Theatre credits for the new cast members include: Barry James: The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables and Little Shop of Horrors. Josefina Gabrielle:  Merrily We Roll Along, Two Into One, Puss in Boots, Me and My Girl and Sweet Charity. Richard Dempsey: A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice and Dirty Dancing. Kirsty Malpass: Jerry Springer the Opera and Lord of the Rings.

Clive Carter (Mr Salt), Jasna Ivir (Mrs Gloop), Paul J Medford (Mr Beauregarde), Billy Boyle (Grandpa George), Roni Page (Grandma Josephine) and Myra Sands (Grandma Georgina) will all remain in the cast.

New ensemble members include: Dan Cooke, Divine Cresswell, Connor Dowling, Gemma Fuller, Robert Jones, Matthew Rowland, Rebecca Seale, Gregory Sims, Paulo Teixeira and Laura Tyrer with further casting to be announced.

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