Thursday, October 19

Time announced when Sheridan Smith starring in David Walliams' Ratburger on Sky One

Updated 6th December:  It has just been announced that Sky One’s David Walliams adaptation Ratburger will premiere on Christmas Eve (Sunday December 24th) at 6:00 pm.

Sheridan Smith is to star alongside David Walliams on Sky One over the Christmas season  in an adaptation of Ratburger which is one of his stories.

The  Little Britain comedian will star as Burt - a burger van owner who covets  Zoe's new friend - a dancing rat. Sheridan Smith plays Zoe's stepmother, who hates her. 

Here Sheridan is pictured wearing  a fat suit with Walliams. As you can eee from the image, the  pair resemble Roald Dahl's The Twits or Harry Enfield characters Wayne and Waynetta Slob . 

Directed by  Mark Lipsey, Ratbuger also stars Talia Barnett as Zoe, Mark Benton, Nigel Planer and Charlotte Marsh. It is a comedy drama about  a young  girl who makes friend with a rat. She has a stepmother that despises her, a dad who's never around and who suffers at the hands of Tina Trotts, the school bully. Her only chum is Harry, until she discovers a baby rat in her bedroom. She calls him Armitage and they quickly become firm friends.
She soon discovers he's no ordinary rat - he  can dance - and sets out to show off her rodent pal's skill at the school talent show but her stepmother and shifty burger man Burt have other ideas, which include throwing Armitage into the mincer and putting rat burgers on the menu.


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