Wednesday, August 18

Bat Out of Hell tour cast announced

Jim Steinman and Meatloaf's new tour of Bat Out of Hell has revealed the full cast for when the show opens in Manchester in September.

Glenn Adamson and Martha Kirby will lead as Strat and Raven with Rob Fowler as Falco, Sharon Sexton as Sloane, Killian Thomas Lefevre as Tink, Joelle Moses as Zahara, James Chisholm as Jagwire, Kellie Gnauck as Valkyrie and Danny Whelan as Ledoux.

They will be joined by Laura Johnson as Kwaiden, Jamie Jukes as Markevitch, Rebecca Lafferty as Scherzzo, James Lowrie as Denym, Rory Maguire as Astroganger, Amy Matthews as Vilmos, Samuel Pope as Hoffman & Alternate Strat, Luke Street as Hollander, Leonardo Vieira as O'Dessasuite, Beth Woodcock as Spinotti and  Jayme-Lee Zanoncelli as Goddesilla.

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