Saturday, May 21

New Come From Away Cast Members from June

Come From Away welcomes new and returning cast members to the Phoenix Theatre from June 2022.

Kirsty Malpass has returned to the London Come From Away family in the role of Bonnie and others, Olivier Award-nominated Robert Hands returns to the role of Nick/Doug and others, Lejaun Sheppard will play Bob and others, with Sarah Morrison (returning to the production having performed in Come From Away in Australia) and Lucy Park also joining the cast.

They are welcomed by the current London cast who are extending their time with the show beyond June: Jenna Boyd (Beulah and others), James Doherty (Claude and others), Mark Dugdale (Kevin T/Garth and others), Gemma Knight Jones (Hannah and others), Alice Fearn (Beverley/Annette and others), Kate Graham (Diane and others), Jonathan Andrew Hume (Kevin J/Ali and others), Harry Morrison (Oz and others), and Emma Salvo (Janice and others) with Chiara Baronti, Ricardo Castro, Stuart Hickey, Alexander McMorran, Jennifer Tierney and Matthew Whennell-Clark.

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