Saturday, October 3

Simon Bowman back in Les Miserables for limited season

The new cast of Les Miserables is due to come in on 12th October with fans of Simon Bowman delighted to hear that he will reprising his role as one of the best Jean Valjean’s ever.

One of the many excellent reviews he received when he played the role before Simon Bowman was that he "portrayed the changes in Valjean from hopeful ex-con to embittered thief to eventual compassionate foster father with such understanding it was a joy to behold. He acted his songs rather than just sang them and the score has been changed to suit his voice."

He is only on a six month contract at the Queens Theatre from 12th October to 19th June so make sure you don’t miss it.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant - first time I had seen L.M. and he was mesmerising.'Bring him Home' was sung and acted so beautifully and the way he held his hand over the sleeping Marius was just right.MH

Theatre Spy said...

I have seen Simon Bowman play Jean Valjean quite a few times over the years, and I certainly feel he is giving his best performance during this run. He has maturity on his side now (which you need for this difficult part) and like you I think he plays it brilliantly.

Anonymous said...

"Who am I" and "Bring Him Home" is sung with such a passion, it is amazing, touching and irresistable. His best performance.

Theatre Spy said...

For this production the musical director has lowered the top note on "Bring Him Home" to better suit Simon's voice and he can certainly deliver this song.

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