Monday, May 3

News on Les Miserables

Cameron Mackintosh is in the process of recasting the London production of Les Miserables in the West End with the first night of the take over due on 21st June

The new touring production of Les Miserables will come into London and open at the Barbican Theatre on 14th September and run until 22nd October.

But also in celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary there are some special Les Miserables Concerts at the 02 Arena later in the year which are being performed by what is being described as a “dream cast”.

One person who has been approached to appear is Little Brittain’s Matt Lucas who went to see the show at the Queen’s Theatre last week to see if he was interested in playing M. Thenadier.  He is certainly eccentric enough with the comedy timing required to put the numbers across.  Watch this space for more info ….

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