Wednesday, February 8

New Song for Hugh Jackman in LesMis Movie

Hugh Jackman tweeted this picture of him and Claude Michel Schoenberg with the caption “what an honour...singing a new song with the composer, Claude Michel, at rehearsals for les mis!

So it sounds like there’s going to be a new number in the film for Jean Valjean.  Simon Shorten who covered the part at the Queen's Theatre until last June replied to Jackman "if you learnt it from a demo track that would freak me out, as It was me singing it! Lol!" so it's obviously been written for a while.

Jackman is currently at Pinewood Studios working with director Tom Hooper until shooting begins next month in the UK and France.


Anonymous said...

Should be Alfie Boe as Jean Valjean !!

Anonymous said...

I agree! There are more singers who are much better than Hugh Jackman!

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